Calgary Home Repair, Renovation & Handyman Service

Here are some (but not all) of the services I can provide:

  • Tiling backsplash, tub surrounds, floors, etc..
  • Painting Walls, trim, exterior, etc..
  • Flooring Tile, hardwood, laminate, installation or repair
  • Ceiling texturing Knock down, popcorn removal, etc..
  • Drywall Patching, renovations, etc..
  • Decks, fences and gates Construction, staining, repairs, etc..
  • Cabinets Assembly, mounting, painting, etc..
  • Electrical Repairs, renovations, new fixtures, etc..
  • Plumbing Repairs, renovations, new fixtures, etc..
  • Pressure washing Driveways, patios, siding, etc..
  • Landscaping Block retaining walls, patios, concrete, sod, etc..

Transparent pricing

My fee is calculated based on the actual time working on site, at a rate of $50/hour + materials. Travel time to and from your property is free (as long as it's within Calgary).

Any materials required are provided at cost with no markup. Things I consider "tools", like paint roller covers or masking tape used when caulking, is not charged to you.

I am happy to provided an estimate of how long a particular project may take.

No job is too small

Whether you simply need a new cabinet assembled and installed, or an entire new kitchen to go around that cabinet, I'm always happy for the work and won't turn away the smaller jobs. The only caveat is that any job will have a 2 hour minimum labour charge ($100).

I Finish what I Start

I do major renovations for only one customer at a time. When I'm working on a multi-day project, I will typically work 6 hours each day on that project. This allows me an hour or two each day to take on small jobs for other customers, such as fixing a leaky faucet, in a timely manner. While you may have to wait a few weeks for me to start a larger project, you'll know that once I start, I'll keep working every weekday until it's finished.

I never ask for money upfront. For smaller jobs, all incurred costs are paid at the completion of the work. For longer jobs, with significant anticipated material purchases or labour, we will work out a payment formula, prior to the start of the work, that accomodates timely reimburments for materials purchased and completed labour. One example might be to settle up after every $3000 of incurred cost. Another example might be to settle up every 2 weeks. It will depend on the nature of the job and what works best for you.